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February 08 2018

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Request A Day Challenge Day 5!

Android 21 (majin form) but with her glases on!

Requests take via my patreon

February 07 2018

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@newvagabond as a summoner in some pretty EGL with her Dragonball XV character Mini-Fridge as her Eidolon.

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Request A Day Challenge Day 4!

@stitchesandgears’ Deyuki showing off her justice.

Requests take via my patreon

February 06 2018

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I need to get my coloring skills back so I went and colored some old lineart. I think she came out real nice.

If you like my work and would like to help me out, please consider a like and reblog, and taking a look at my patreon. A donation as small as even $1 will help me out immensely.

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Request A Day Challenge Day 3!

@sumiumoxide‘s Erisal wearing one of Fekete’s outfits tailored to her proportions and tastes!

Requests take via my patreon

February 05 2018

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@speedysnaughtysketchbook‘s Lydia making someone very happy.

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Request A Day Challenge Day 2!

@alterniancongress‘s shy stripper Naomi!

Requests take via my patreon

February 04 2018

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Sketch A Day February, Day 1

Moving forward, these are going to be requests from my patrons.

January 22 2018

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January 21 2018

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arrested for weeb crimes

January 17 2018

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Each creature is captioned with a little info.

January 15 2018

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Memes, for a Patreon request

January 14 2018

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@cat-scratch-writings‘s Alpha Mina being the boss bitch

January 13 2018

January 12 2018

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Lewd alts of the The First Ember (bimbo), a patreon reward for @sasirre-draws

January 11 2018

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The First Ember (bimbo) patreon reward for @sasirre-draws

January 05 2018

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Erisal sketches for @sumiumoxide

January 04 2018

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At my recommendation, Weekly Manga Recap will be covering my current favorite manga, and I’m so happy to get to draw this title card for it.

December 29 2017

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“)To-o-old yo-o-ou bitch.(”

Valter is bad at not getting too many girlfriends, and @knivesandhorns‘ Romeda is a total spitfire.

December 28 2017

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