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April 29 2018

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Xun Er and Xiao Yan from Battle Through The Heavens for one of my patrons

April 21 2018

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“Now you’re MINE.”

Quickie commission for @sasirre-draws of Reva having her way with my poor sweet innocent Fen.

If you like what I do, please consider a donation to my Patreon. A donation as small as even $1 will help me to continue producing art.

April 19 2018

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Fen tries to walk Jasmine through the ritual of awakening so she can start to explore her bloodline as a Haetera (bloodline sorcerer for eromancy/sex magic).

He’s not the best teacher and she’s not the best at learning this way. Oops.

Patreon reward for @werewolfking95

April 17 2018

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Fen having a Mommy Party with all three mommies in his life. A follow up to this sketch

Group patreon commission for @gemstoneleviathan, @ascendantmatriarch/@ninthwind, and @endgamerazari. Includes smol blep Senna watching.

April 16 2018

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“Welcome home, baby.”

April 15 2018

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Giving some paipai time to Yuu-kun (my BNHA fancharacter, his quirk is “Male Audience Surrogate”.

April 14 2018

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @nanenna!!!

April 13 2018

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blanket burrito

April 12 2018

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Patreon reward for @sasirre-draws, roll20 token art of her murderslut Mairum.

Note: Murdersluts are like murderhobos, but with a lot more fade to black sex scenes.

April 06 2018

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@alterniancongress‘s “booty doc”

April 05 2018

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Happy birthday! @ascendantmatriarch!!!

April 04 2018

April 03 2018

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April 02 2018

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And now a follow-up to Space Princes with some REVERSE COSPLAY!


April 01 2018

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have some big space princess


March 31 2018

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i love my ocs and this is so dumb

Edit: Updated it with  all of my Fantasy OCs who are setting staples, are 100% mine, and not guests from a different canon… and added the McD’s meme.

March 27 2018

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Ork girl discovers that she’s a bit to strong for a simple tube top (patreon request sketch)

March 23 2018

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You open the chest and find 24 platinum coins, three gems, a small bag, an unlabelled potion, and a big tiddy demon girlfriend.

March 19 2018

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big fat boy ass

March 16 2018

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Oracin working the pole (and Nistha’s pole) on stage at Fekete’s club. Patreon reward for @endgamerazari

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